Think for India

Incidents happening around me everyday impact me, they make me think and wonder…

What if we did it this way… or that way…
Why can’t we do it differently if other countries or states or cities can…
Sounds familiar?!

I am sure I am not alone…If not argumentative, many Indian have similar thoughts, opinions and views.

India is an emerging global leader and economy. As citizens we need to start looking at solving and preventing problems ahead than just scurry around to address them effectively.

Each of us needs to develop a Mindset to…

  • To be engaged and immerse oneself and to think deeply about problems around us.
  • To look for ideas, solutions and identify best practices from locations where it has been solved elsewhere.
  • To attempt to solve these problems by involving entrepreneus,  private, academia and NGO stakeholders.
  • To raise public opinion to push the government to act to prioritize, solve and act on these key issues facing us.
  • To believe as individuals and as collective citizens that we can overcome and solve with innovative solutions.

It is so imperative every citizen makes this mindset transformation to engage, understand, ideate and help solve developmental issues around us.
Only when we as a people develop and evolve, will the nation move from the status of “developing” to the “developed“.

That led to the Idea of creating a platform were like minded and reflective citizens can come together…

To ideate and “Think for India”
constructively, immersively and collaboratively.

Thus began Think for India!

Like the idea? Join the effort!
Come, lets think for India!
Drop an note to me at arunram25 at gmail dot com

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