Bengaluru Annual Calendar

The 25 events that make Bengaluru the vibrant city it is. Catch them every year! The are amazing events that define the culture of the city and make it special. 

Let us now check and get your Bengaluru Social Quotient based on the number of events you have attended below…

If you have Visited You are…
0-5 events:  Newbie to the City or Slaving away at Work!
6-13 events: The regular citizen. 
13-20 events: Good Work and life Balance!
20-24 events:  Socially savvy.
All 25 Namma Bengaluru lover!!

The 25 Marque Bengaluru events!

What was your Bengaluru Social Quotient? If you didn’t score great, thats okay, no sweat! You can aim to use this calendar to vist them all in the next 12 months! Game?!

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