The Crown Jewels of Sanskrit wisdom

Artha Shastra (Statecraft)

The Arthashastra is comprehensive authoritative treatise on statecraft, governance, military strategies written in Sanskrit prose and verse. The Arthashastra was authored by Chanakya (also called Kautilya) in the years. Experts marvel at its secular discourse, contemporary relevance and universal appeal in numerous fields.

The Arthashastra has 15 books, 150 chapters and 180 topics.

The Arthashastra while a huge influence on a huge body of Indian works and widely referenced, it was lost over time. It was rediscovered by chance in the 1905 by R Shamashastry amongst numerous manuscripts in the Oriental Research Institute (Mysore).

The Arthashastra covers an incredible spectrum of topics including the nature of government, law, civil and criminal court systems, ethics, economics, markets, trade, diplomacy, theories on war, nature of peace, duties and obligations of a king, methods for screening ministers, social welfare and collective ethics that hold societies together. The text also covers ancient Indian ideas on agriculture, mineralogy, mining and metals, animal husbandry, medicine, forests and wildlife. 

Henry Kissinger mentioned the Arthashastra in his book.

Ayurveda (Medicine)


Sushrutha Samhita (Surgery)

Nyaya Sutra

Natya Shastra (Dance, Theatre)

Yoga Sutra (Yoga)


Kama Sutra (Love)

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